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Acute Vs Chronic Injuries

Acute Vs Chronic Injuries There are two different types of injuries a person can suffer: acute injuries and chronic injuries.  Acute injuries happen right away; for example, a torn ligament or a fractured wrist would be injures that occur very suddenly.  Chronic injuries are injuries that occur over time. Examples of chronic injuries are a [...]

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How to Stay Cool

Tips on how to stay cool in the summer time During the summer time temperatures can rise into the triple digits.  When the temperature gets that high it can become a major health hazard, and it can be very difficult to to find a cool place to relax.  There are a few things that you [...]

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Heat Stress Safety

Heat Stress: know the Symptoms & Risk Factors and how to prevent Heat Stress. Heat Stress Safety is a major concern for many different people.  Heat Stress Illness is a problem that can affect everyone from a 17-year-old high school football player to a 56/year-old doing yard work.  Every year thousands of people are affected [...]

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