The beginning of summer brings intense heat to the majority of the United States.  So far during this young summer temperatures have rises to 118 in Phoenix, 120 in Yuma and 119 in Palm Springs.  Temperatures like this are very dangerous to anyone that is outdoors or does not have access to a cool environment.  Over the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona four hikers died in separate events due to over heating.

Each Year heat kills approximately 130 people, which is more than flooding, lighting, tornadoes, hurricanes and cold temperatures. With the majority of the country experiencing extreme temperatures this summer, it is important to remember the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion as well as the the proper steps to take to assist the suffering individual.

  • Signs and Symptoms:

    • Cool, moist or flushed skin
    • Dizziness
    • weakness
    • exhaustion
    • headache
    • heavy sweating
  • How to Help:

    • Move Person to a cooler Place
    • loosen clothing
    • apply something cool (Cool cloth, Heat Stress Safety Insert)
    • Provide small amounts of water, just make sure that the water is drank slowly
    • If the the person does not drink water, starts to vomit or begins to lose consciousness call 911 immediately.
  • Facts about Heat Exhaustion
    • Heat Exhaustion can develop to heat stroke if the regulation of body temperature fails
    • It can arise wen an individual works/exercises in an environment that does not allow the body to cool itself effectively
    • Relative Humidity is one of the important factors in development of heat exhaustion
    • The elderly and young kids are at a increased risk for heat exhaustion.
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