About Us

AllTuff USA is a family owned business that has been around for several years and we proudly manufacture 100% of our products in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We believed that we could not only make the best cooling vest on the market, but we could do it at an affordable price for the consumer. We set out to design different formulations of phase change materials that can meet a variety of needs at different temperatures. Our classic 78°F formulation can be frozen at room temperature, the 58°F formulation is the sweet spot for cooling relief while working, and the 42°F is perfect for medical applications where you need the benefits of ice without the negative effects that ice can have on the skin.

Our Vision

Our vision at AllTuff USA is to provide the world with affordable options for staying cool and to provide the world with an option other then ice to recover from an injury.  We also want to show the world that it is possible to still manufacture high quality products at an affordable price in the USA.  We strive each day to achieve our vision, and we will never stop until we accomplish it. AllTuff USA has lightning-fast production time, and we have the capabilities to handle an order of over ten thousand pieces at a time.