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Our Technology

Ice based cooling products can be dangerous for your skin. Since Ice freezes at 32°F, it can cause frost bite and decrease blood flow due to the constriction of your blood vessels. Our products use specially formulated PCMs (Phase Change Materials) that are designed to freeze at 78°F, 58°F, and 42°F. Our PCMs are essentially a wax that melts at specific temperatures like a candle melts under a flame. Not only is our technology safe, 100% of the product is designed and manufactured in the US to ensure we have the most consistent and pure PCM on the market today.

  • The 78°F Formulation was designed to give you relief from heat without feeling cold. This Formulation was designed to re-freeze at room temperature without the hassle of putting it in a refrigerator. As long as the ambient temperature drops below 78°F, your vest will automatically re-freeze!
  • The 58°F Formulation is considered the sweet spot for relief and is much cooler to the touch than the 78°F version.
  • The 42°F Formulation was designed with medical recovery in mind. You get all of the benefits of using ice to reduce inflammation without the drawbacks of reduced circulation or potential skin damage from the cold!

All of our products:

  • Are safer for your skin than Ice based cooling products
  • Can be re-frozen an infinite amount of times
  • Contour to your body with durable, light weight designs
  • Contain the highest purity PCMs in the industry to increase the cooling time

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