Set of Lightweight Cooling Pads (Set of 2)


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AllTuff USA Light Weight Heat Stress Safety Cooling Pads are a great item to have.  With the spare set of Lightweight, Heat Stress Safety inserts you can have an extra pair of inserts so that you can have a charged set of inserts ready at all times and you can just swap them out when the set you are wearing is finished.  This ensures that you can wear your AllTuff USA Heat Stress Safety Vest for a much longer duration.

Unlike ice which freezes at 32 degrees and can be dangerous to leave your skin against for any extended of time, the AllTuff USA Heat Stress insert is made with a phase change material that recharges at the specified temperature. The AllTuff USA Heat Stress Vest Insert has a special blend of phase change material that is extra pure and can be recharged. The Heat Stress Safety vest inserts are a state of the art technology that we produce in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are non-toxic and safe for the environment. The insets recharge at any temperature below the specified temperature and they are maintenance free.

  • 78°F-This temperature may not sound too “cold,” however, the inserts are approximately 20°F below body temperature. This temperature can be great for anyone who wants a slight chill, but not be overwhelmed by the cold. This temperature also has the ability to charge at room temperature.
  • 58°F-This temperature is great for a refreshing cool down. These inserts can be recharged in a freezer/refrigerator or cool water. As long as the environment is below 58°F, the inserts will recharge. This temperature is also great to assist in reducing swelling.
  • 42°FThis temperature is great for an intense cool down. This temperature is also great for emergency cooling if someone needs to be cooled down quickly.

Made in The USA

At AllTuff USA we take great pride in the fact that all of our products are completely made in the United States.  We truly feel that all USA made products are better quality and last longer than a product that comes from overseas.  Every aspect of our cool seats are made in the United States and they will always be made in the USA!

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78°F, 58°F, 42°F


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